Objective of the Academy

The implant system that guides and sets the direction of future implant treatment

  • First goal
    Improving Dentistry
  • Second goal
    Improving Health

The purpose of this academy is to contribute to the development of dentistry and to promote the health of mankind by putting
the future value of implantology into minimally invasive implant based on the MagiCore implant system and carrying out academic,
clinical research and educational activities for its development and dissemination.

Educational Goal

The ultimate purpose of AMII is to deliver the best care, which satisfy both dentists and patients.

AMII Clinical Education Institute has developed systemic theoretical courses and specialized training courses for minimally invasive implant treatments based on the MagiCore implant system, which has revolutionized the paradigm of conventional implant surgery. The aim of the training is to deliver the best treatment to satisfy both dental patients and dentists around the world by educating domestic and foreign clinicians who can easily and safely manage implants even in the cases of narrow and poor alveolar bone condition.