AMII Emblem

  • Concept

    The emblem is encircled in English in order to promote AMII worldwide. Inspired by the rod of Asclepius, MagiCore is entwined by a serpent. Lastly, the direction of dental implant is suggested by laurel leaves, which symbolizes constancy.
  • Color

    PANTONE 262C
    CMYK / C78 M100 Y60 K40
  • Formation

    English emblem
    Rod of Asclepius and
    the entwined serpent
    Laurel leaves to
    symbolize constancy

Form regulation

Logotype in Korean and English

Logotype is an important element which conveys the image of the Academy of Minimally Invasive Implant (AMII) and is designed to harmonize with the symbol mark.
It is proportionally adjusted according to each font type, therefore, font type, thickness, proportion should not be adjusted arbitrarily. In addition, it should be thoroughly managed to be used correctly according to the regulations illustrated in this section, with the understanding of the importance of the logotype being the basic element to form the image of the company.

Caution when applying in CI

Since the color of AMII is used for various media such as printed materials, promotions, etc.,
it should be used and managed while maintaining accurate color, brightness and saturation.