Magic Surgical system

The additional surgical protocol that is specifically developed for minimally invasive implant treatment is called Magic Surgery. This procedure is based on a minimal incision within 1 cm and minimizes the use of grafting material. Unlike the conventional method, it is a crestal approach, which consists of logical and simple techniques that is easily adapted by any dentists with a quick learning curve.

Advantages of Minimally invasive implant treatment

Fit Drilling & Fit Implantation
Developed for minimally invasive implant treatment, it considers alveolar shape and soft tissue stability of the patient before the surgery.
Patients’ alveolar bone condition (shape, size, angle) and soft tissue shape is diagnosed in advance, and bone-driven treatment is possible by selecting the diameter and length of implant according to patient’s alveolar shape.
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C.M.C Technique
C.M.C. Tech. is a sinus lifting technique which allows surgeons to precisely control the height of maxillary sinus membrane elevation.
Because it elevates the sinus membrane in the exact position and in controlled height, there is no need for excessive bone grafting materials and minimizes the chance of infection or complication as well.
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B.E.B Technique
B.E.B Tech. is a bone expanding technique that is specialized in the minimally invasive implant treatment. It enables incision-free expansion, because it minimizes the load and condensation pressure applied to jawbone during procedure. In addition, Magic Expander can elevate the sinus membrane up to 5mm without bone grafting.
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