Minimally invasive implant treatment is the new standard of the future.

After the implantation of the osseointegration concept was applied to the clinic, various treatment systems and techniques
have been developed over the past 50 years, and implant treatment has become a universal and essential approach to dental care.

Thanks to the great developments so far, the possibility of success of implant treatment has increased dramatically,
but on the other hand, not a few problems such as the complicated surgical method and great discomfort of the patient are
still unresolved and appear to be stuck in the'innovation stagnation'.
Implant treatment in the future should go in the direction of increasing the biostability of 'short operation and quick recovery',
and it should be shifted to a new concept paradigm aiming for a comfortable and safe treatment system that satisfies both patients and surgeons.

We are convinced that the ultimate research value of future implant treatments lies in the minimally invasive procedure
using the MagiCore system, and with a bio-friendly approach that realizes 'minimizing soft tissue damage, minimizing alveolar
bone damage, minimizing the use of bone graft materials’.

We look forward to the participation of many clinicians and researchers from around the world on our journey to open a new world
of the future called minimally invasive implants.


Education objective

AMII(Academy of Minimally Invasive Implantology) Education Center has established a new and systematic theoretical education based on the minimally invasive implant system, which has revolutionized the conventional paradigm of implant surgery, as well as various specialized training courses.
The goal of education is to cultivate domestic and overseas clinicians who can easily and safely perform implant treatment even with poor residual alveolar bone condition or narrow bone width, and provide the best treatment.

  • Systematic
    theory education
  • Specialized
    practical training
  • Safety
  • Best

Purpose of AMII

The purpose of AMII is to contribute to the advancement of dentistry and the promotion of human health through clinical research and educational activities with the future value of implant dentistry on minimally invasive implants.


AMII Emblem

  • English horizontal version

In order to promote AMII around the world, it was emphasized around the emblem in English.

A snake that saves lives was entwined in MagiCore to symbolize the life-saving staff of Asclepius, the god of medicine and a laurel leaf with a flower language of ‘It does not change even if I die’ was added to present the direction of dental implant.