Minimally Invasive Implant Treatment

Minimally invasive implant treatment
in the defect site

In the case of general cases, without opening the gingiva,
Magic GPS is used to easily and accurately Implants can be placed.

Comparison of implant treatment methods

Conventional Implant Treatment

  • Step 1 _
    Bone exposure after gingival incision
  • Step 2 _
    Formation of large hole after several drilling
  • Step 3 _
    Placement of implant
  • Step 4 _
  • Step 5 _
  • Step 6 _
  • Step 7 _
    Connect healing abutment and suture

AMII Minimally Invasive Implant Treatment

  • Step 1 _
    Body preparation without incision
  • Step 2 _
    Placement of MagiCore

Conventional Implant Treatment

As the amount of bone removal increases due to the 2 stage surgery, bone damage, pain and swelling are large.

First surgery (Placing implant)

Second surgery (Healing abutment connection after bone healing)

AMII Minimally Invasive Implant Treatment

Pain and swelling can be minimized and quick return to daily life is possible.

Single surgery